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Scrollavezza & Zanrè, founded in 2002 in Parma by Elisa Scrollavezza and Andrea Zanrè, is active in the making, restoring and dealing


The aim which we try to pursue in our daily work is to make a new instrument which may satisfy the requirements of a professional player


"A full and bright sound, in certain respects similar to my original Guadagnini"

Ivan Rabaglia

In Cremona during the 16th century a method was developed, still unsurpassed today, which guaranteed at the same time the consistency and uniqueness of each instrument

Violin making
Violin Making
Elisa Scrollavezza and Andrea Zanrè
Scrollavezza & Zanrè instruments

Scrollavezza & Zanrè


Historical instruments and bows


Instruments & Bows

The state of preservation of an instrument is the deciding factor in maintaining its value over the years. In addition to accidental damage...

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Nothing can substitute the direct examination of a great instrument of the past. In developing our methodologies other procedures have been employed


Scrollavezza & Zanrè offer assistance in the fields of attribution, evaluation and the dealing of bow instruments. Special attention is paid to the study of each example


Known internationally as one of the greatest violin makers of the second half of the 20th century, Renato Scrollavezza was born in 1927

Renato Scrollavezza
Homepage Renato Scrollavezza

The aim of the workshop is to continue the artistic tradition transmitted through the teaching and the work of Renato Scrollavezza


Located in the countryside between Parma and Cremona, in Giuseppe Verdi's homeland, this Renaissance villa welcomes visitors

Villa Scrollavezza
Edizioni Scrollavezza & Zanrè

Edizioni Scrollavezza & Zanrè

Magnificently impressive
contribution (…) possibly the most
complete book of analysis ever
produced on any maker

John Dilworth
The Strad, December 2012

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