Expertise & valuations


Interior view of a G. B. Guadagnini violin (1785) with original label

Scrollavezza & Zanrè offer assistance in the fields of attribution, evaluation and the dealing of bow instruments. Special attention is paid to the study of each example with the purpose of determining its correct historical collocation as well as its fair market value, thus protecting the seller’s property and the buyer’s interests.

By vocation and thanks to the publications that have appeared in recent years, Scrollavezza & Zanrè has specialized in the attribution of instruments from the 20th century Emilia-Romagna school, Giovanni Battista Guadagnini, and several makers active in Mantova, from Pietro Guarneri to Stefano Scarampella.

However, the atelier can offer support for works that go beyond these specific schools (e.g. ascribable to non-Italian violin makers or involving bow expertise), relying on an international network of experts with whom there are consolidated relationships of scientific collaboration.