Villa Scrollavezza


The Chamber Orchestra made by Renato Scrollavezza between 1981 and 1984

Located in the countryside between Parma and Cremona, in Giuseppe Verdi's homeland, this Renaissance villa welcomes visitors and musicians eager to discover more about the life and achievements of Renato Scrollavezza, one of the greatest luthiers and mentors of the second half of the twentieth century. Scrollavezza bought this ancient house in 1986 and spent the last part of his life there, continuing to work assiduously, receiving guests and friends, and leaving in each of them the indelible mark of his personality.

During many decades, his passion for art, antiques and the history of music made this unique place a small-scale museum which hosts rare documents, musical instruments originating from European and non-European cultures, and a collection of portraits that retrace the life of the luthier through the work of painters whom he met and were inspired by him. Carefully preserved by his heirs, the villa also hosts the Scrollavezza & Zanrè showroom and country workshop. Visitors are welcome to experience the Parma violin making tradition and examine fine historical instruments, enjoying the quiet and the very special meaning of this venue.