Historical instruments & bows

Nicolò Amati Antonio Stradivari violins

The backs from two violins by Nicolò Amati, left, and Antonio Stradivari, right. Scrollavezza & Zanrè has dealt with instruments by the main Italian makers from the 17th to the 20th centuries

Scrollavezza & Zanrè offer a selection of fine instruments, mainly of the Italian classical school and a selection of bows in different prices ranges starting from the advancing student up to the rare examples of the French Masters of the XIX and XX centuries. Particular attention is paid to the state of preservation of the instrument and to the maintenance of its integrity, avoiding damaging procedures of restoration, while the set-up and sound-adjustment are matched to the specific requirements of the musician. Each instrument is supplied with a Scrollavezza & Zanrè certificate and its attribution can be confirmed by independent internationally recognized experts.Our dealing ensures transparency, honesty and respect of the requirements of both the buyer and the seller and the relationship is one of collaboration and dialogue.

Due to our privacy policy, the atelier does not advertise instruments for sale online, but makes available an archive section that gathers photos of particularly significant instruments and a series of articles dedicated to the most important makers recently studied.

Guarneri del Gesù violin F-hole

F-hole detail from a Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù violin