Commissioning a S&Z instrument

Placing an order for a new instrument is an extremely gratifying experience, both for the luthier and for the player: identifying the most suitable model and the characteristics of its construction after a phase of listening and discussion; choosing the most fascinating materials; the tonality of the varnish, the fittings. This dialogue offers the opportunity of obtaining an instrument which has been designed and made to satisfy each specific requirement of the player.

The retail price of Scrollavezza & Zanrè instruments is 27,000 Euros for violins and violas and 45,000 Euros for cellos, including VAT and shipping costs. Payment is made via a 20% deposit at the time of the order, and the balance is paid immediately before shipping. Waiting time ranges normally between 6 and 12 months. Depending on the country of export, the purchase could benefit from VAT exemption; any customs duties due in the importing country are to be paid by the buyer.


Scroll detail from a Scrollavezza & Zanrè cello awarded with a gold medal in the ANLAI competition in 2007