Elisa Scrollavezza and Andrea Zanrè were trained under the guidance of Renato Scrollavezza, Elisa's father and an internationally renowned luthier, at the Parma Violin Making School, founded and directed by him since 1975. They subsequently specialized in the United States in the fields of restoration, acoustics and in the making of replicas of classical instruments. Alongside their professional activity, Elisa and Andrea teach at the Renato Scrollavezza Violin Making School and have board assignments in the association Liuteria Parmense, which protects and promotes the legacy of this tradition.

In 2011, on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Giovanni Battista Guadagnini, the atelier curated the great exhibition held at the Parma National Gallery, and later published an important monograph on this maker. From that moment Scrollavezza & Zanrè has curated publications featuring classical violin makers (the Amati family, Antonio Stradivari, Carlo Bergonzi) and lutherie's twentieth-century revival in Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy, particularly through the role of makers such as Gaetano and Pietro Sgarabotto.

The making of new instruments in the wake of this tradition has been welcomed with a growing success and appreciation: Scrollavezza & Zanrè instruments are today highly regarded among musicians and collectors in many parts of the world.


Renato Scrollavezza as a young man at the Cremona violin making school during the 1950s