Simonazzi, Amedeo

Amedeo Simonazzi, born in Gualtieri in 1891, received the first rudiments of violin making from his father Oddone, a double bass player, who was also active in Egypt and France. Later the young man, as reported by his son Riccardo, often visited Stefano Scarampella in Mantua, who by then must have been quite elderly. Simonazzi's family moved first to Santa Vittoria, and then to the main town of Reggio Emilia. Amedeo's son became a double bass player like his grandfather and also made some instruments.

Simonazzi's work, inspired in fact by the style of Stefano Scarampella, differs from it for the greater accuracy of the workmanship and, if less spontaneous, it yet contributes to an original mix between the Emilian and Mantuan schools. The model preferred by the luthier is that of Guarneri del Gesù for his violins, while for violas he sometimes also used the Scarampella pattern.


Amedeo Simonazzi, violin, Santa Vittoria - 1920

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