Ornati, Giuseppe

Giuseppe Ornati, born in 1887 in Albairate, a small town in the Milanese countryside, initially trained as a carpenter, but entered then in contact with violin makers active in Lombardy during the early twentieth century, such as Carlo Moneta and Luigi Montanari. The main turning point of his his career happened in 1903, with the beginning of the collaboration with the expert and dealer Leandro Bisiach, who successfully managed his renowned atelier in Piazza del Duomo in Milan. In addition to Bisiach, Ornati had the opportunity to work side by side with some of the most celebrated Italian luthiers of this period, including Riccardo Antoniazzi and Gaetano Sgarabotto, just to name a few. Unlike some of his fellow-workers, Ornati always maintained a relationship of closeness and esteem with his employer, even when, in 1919, he set up on his own.

From this moment on, Ornati's business continued gathering great consensus and numerous awards. After the Second World War, he was now firmly established among the leading Italian luthiers, and contributed to the training of subsequent generations, holding masterclasses at the Cremona Violin Making School in 1961 and 1963, courses to which Renato Scrollavezza participated as a student.


Giuseppe Ornati

Violin, Milano - 1933


Giuseppe Ornati, violin, Milano - 1921


Giuseppe Ornati, violin, Milano - 1924

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