The Atelier

The Scrollavezza & Zanrè atelier in Viale Toschi, located in an early 20th century building

Scrollavezza & Zanrè, founded in 2002 in Parma by Elisa Scrollavezza and Andrea Zanrè, is active in the making, restoring and dealing of fine string instruments; the workshop offers assistance in the field of expertise regarding historical instruments, evaluation of their state of preservation and advice on insurance and investments. The studio, accessible from the Parma riverside which connects the railway station to the nearby historical centre, offers a range of services and supplies – from strings to cases and accessories, which meets all requirements of professional players.

The aim of the workshop is to continue the artistic tradition transmitted through the teaching and the work of Renato Scrollavezza, which for over half a century has been, and still is, a synonym of personality, warmth and delicate equilibrium. In making new instruments, as well as in the preservation of antique ones, Scrollavezza & Zanrè strive to attain an ideal of excellence which is constantly pursued in the field of sound, and in the artistic essence of traditional craftsmanship.

Renato Scrollavezza portrayed in a sketch by Federico Belicchi