Restoration projects

Giovanni Battista Guadagnini, violin

Removal of cloth reinforcement and bracing with spruce cleats on the top

Augustin Chappuy, violin

Repair of old woodworm damage with substitution of a section of the back edge; doubling of upper rib and crack reinforcement to the top.

Andrea Castagneri, violin

Soundpost crack repair with internal patch

Felice Mori Costa, viola

Peg-hole bushing and repair of broken peg-box

Gennaro Gagliano, violin

Broken button repaired with internal doubling; through-patch on the top; woodworm damage consolidated with original material and internal reinforcement

Giovanni Schwarz, viola

Crack repair close to the edges of the top with internal doubling

Gaetano Sgarabotto, cello

Repair of the button and crack reinforcements on the back